Natalie Fobes


Natalie Fobes, Pulitzer prize finalist, has shot assignments for National Geographic, Smithsonian, Audubon and other major magazines. Her images of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill are iconic and she is known as the “salmon lady” due to her 10 year project photographing and writing about the salmon and its cultures around the Pacific Rim. Natalie’s fine art portraiture and her wedding photography have won national recognition. Her work is included in many public, private and corporate collections.

As the author/photographer of I Dream Alaska (Graphic Arts Center,1998), Reaching Home (Graphic Arts Center, 1995), and Out of the Channel, Natalie has received many grants and commissions to pursue documenting stories that need to be told. She has camped out in the winter in Siberia with Chukchi reindeer herders and perched in a blind in the cloud forest of Guatemala. Her stories often blend culture and the environment. Natalie’s current project is on the impact of China’s one-child policy in China and the United States.

 Natalie has authored courses for, an online education website that has published documentaries of her work. She also teaches in the photography program at Seattle Central Creative Academy and gave recent presentations for Canon and at the WPPI conference.

 Natalie helped found and serves as the current president of Blue Earth Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to helping photographers shoot documentary stories about the environment, endangered cultures and social issues.

 In Reaching Home Natalie shares stories about the land, creatures and cultures that make up our world. 


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