Leela Corman

Leela Corman is an illustrator, dancer, painter, and native New Yorker. Her graphic story “Fanya Needs To Know” appeared in the anthology Scheherazade (Soft Skull, 2004) and another, “Esther Meets Her Maker” was anthologized in Sexy Chix, (Dark Horse Comics, 2006). She is working on a graphic novel set in the Lower East Side, a portion of which, “Stinky Pickles,” was published in Heeb Magazine in 2004. As a full length graphic novel, this book will touch upon immigrant history, Yiddish life in America, vaudeville and burlesque history, New York history, and reproductive rights history. But while it is historical material, it is first and foremost a work of fiction that will take readers on a great ride—the Persepolis of the Lower East Side.

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