Katherine Malmo

Katherine Malmo is the award-winning author of Who in This Room: The Realities of Cancer, Fish, and Demolition, a collection of creative nonfiction that pushes the boundaries of story and memoir. Kate’s adventurous life is interrupted by a diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer, giving her a ten percent chance of living five years. But her story isn’t just about cancer. It is a true tale of survival that is both lived and dreamt. It’s about joy found in lemon trees or fly-fishing. It’s about the survival instinct that helps us re-emerge and engage with the world.

In 2005 author Katherine Malmo was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer and spent a year in treatment. These days she is cancer-free and blogs about adoption, bi-racial family life, race, health and living a low-toxin life at www.hystericalmommynetwork.com.

Katherine is the winner of the Bellevue Literary Review’s 2009 Goldberg Prize for the chapter “Made of Metal” from Who in This Room

“The musical precision of her words is felt in the body, cutting straight to the core. You emerge from Who in This Room as if from a vigorous swim, refreshed and more alive.” — Claire Fuqua Anderson, Shelf Awareness Starred Review

“The kind and clear gift of this lovingly rendered book is not only about surviving cancer, but also that the unwelcome, terrible, and questionably survivable tragedies that visit every human life must not only be faced and handled, but lived.”–Lisa Romeo, ForeWord Reviews


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