Jerome Gold


Jerome Gold saw combat with Special Forces during the American war in Viet Nam and was on active duty in a support role during the lead-up to the Gulf War in 1991. His service is reflected in a number of his books, including Sergeant Dickinson and How I Learned That I Could Push the Button. He has a Ph.D. in social anthropology. He made the major part of his working career as a juvenile rehabilitation counselor in a prison for children in Washington state. In 1984, with Les Galloway, he founded Black Heron Press. Since Mr. Galloway’s death in 1990, Mr. Gold has operated the press with occasional part-time help. He is the author of ten books and three chapbooks. He has published short stories, essays, poetry and reviews in Left Bank, Chiron Review, Hawaii Review, Boston Review, Poets on the Line, Fiction Review, and other journals.


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