The Reviews Don't Lie

June 4, 2012

Another strong review for David Montgomery's book The Rocks Don't Lie (Norton, August 2012) Kirkus Reviews. To read the full review on their website you will need a subscription, but here's a slice:

Examining a wide variety of flood and creation stories across centuries, Montgomery provides an enthusiastic and valuable recounting of the history of geology and how the advances in science have consistently faced opposition from the guardians of so-called religious authority, based on a literal reading of the Bible. The immense chronological spans and what is now known about the origins of the Earth and universe provoke the bitter opposition of the creationists. Montgomery insists that faith and science “can peacefully coexist,” and his extensive documentation shows that the revival of creationism, as it exists today, has nothing to do with either science or faith.

A forceful rallying cry for people of goodwill to join together to develop an alternative to the dangerous irrationalism that afflicts so many Americans.

Posted by Waleslit on June 4, 2012

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