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NYT: Kurt Timmermeister is a "Table-to-Farm Pioneer"

January 3, 2014

Kurt Timmermeister's Vashon Island farm and home was showcased in The New York Times Great Homes & Destinations section last week. Here's a clip:

As the cheese business was growing, he began hosting Sunday dinners, extravagant four-hour, eight-course meals that he and various Seattle chefs cooked using ingredients produced on his land, which he named Kurtwood Farms (Mr. Timmermeister named the farm the year he tried the farmers’ market; he hoped the plural “farms” would give a gloss to his produce.)

These dinners, made and served in the concrete cookhouse he built on the footprint of his old chicken coop, quickly acquired a cult following. Foodies fell all over themselves to snag a seat. Even at $100 a head, they were so oversubscribed that Mr. Timmermeister started asking would-be diners to answer essay questions, in an attempt to winnow down their numbers.

“I got a lot of hate mail,” he said. “But some rose to the challenge. Of course, I didn’t realize how much work it would be to read 200 essays about corn on the cob and then prioritize them. Even then, I had to tell people, ‘You spent an hour writing and I still don’t have a seat for you.’ ”


The full article, and a slideshow of Kurt's log cabin, is here.



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Great Reviews for Growing a Feast by Kurt Timmermeister

November 13, 2013

Kurt Timmermeister's forthcoming book Growing a Feast: The Chronicle of a Farm-to-Table Meal (W.W. Norton, Jan 2014) is harvesting some excellent advance praise:

Verdict: Timmermeister has created a feast not just for his dinner guests but for his readers as well. Fans of food and of farm memoirs who have the patience for this journey are in for a treat. --Library Journal

At the end of summer, Timmermeister (Growing a Farmer, 2011) presides over a luscious feast for 20 guests at his 13-acre dairy farm on Vashon Island, Washington. In this beautifully written book, the former restaurateur details the long labor of love behind the feast that began two years earlier with the birth of a calf, Alice...Timmermeister guides the reader through the seasons and the rhythms of planting and harvesting, conveying the visual, aural, and tactile pleasure of growing food. Joining him in his enterprise are a host of food-conscious characters, from Leda, who trades seeds for cheese, to Bill, whose large, thin-skinned tomatoes will find their way into a cake. A delight for foodies, this astonishing book includes recipes for the feast dishes. --Booklist




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