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Seattle Times Interview with David Montgomery

September 17, 2012

Great Q&A between David Montgomery and Mary Ann Gwinn, Seattle Times book editor, about The Rocks Don't Lie (W. W. Norton, 2012). From the interview:

Q: Most people probably think creationism is a pretty old belief system, but in the book you clearly lay out that it's not. Briefly describe how it developed.

A: George McCready Price was the guy who championed flood geology (the theory that Noah's flood was real) in its darkest hours through the early 20th century. He was not a trained geologist, but he argued that geologists had the whole theory wrong. His arguments evolved into (John) Whitcomb and (Henry) Morris' book, 1961's "The Genesis Flood." The thing that surprised me about that book was that the guys who wrote it had a really insightful critique of '50s geology. They looked at the key flaws, the shortcomings, the things geology couldn't address: How do mountains form? How do you get fossils of tropical organisms at the poles? In those days, nobody was buying continental drift. They said, geologists can't explain certain basic aspects of geology; we have a better idea.

Gwinn asks great, probing questions and you can catch the full interview here.

Montgomery was also interviewed on Fox & Friends this week and you can view that segment on their website.

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