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Cinthia Ritchie's Dolls Behaving Badly Grab a Great Review from Booklist

January 9, 2013

Fresh in: a great Booklist write-up for Dolls Behaving Badly by Cinthia Ritchie (Grand Central, Feb 5):

An out-of-the-ordinary setting and cast of characters are the backbone of Ritchie’s compelling debut novel. Divorced mom Carla lives in an Anchorage trailer park with her precocious eight-year-old son; waitresses at a Mexican restaurant while mourning her art career; and makes explicit, anatomically correct “dirty” dolls to help pay the bills. She maintains an overinvolved relationship with her chef ex-husband, and, over the course of the book, takes in her teenage babysitter, who was kicked out by her addict mother, and her once-perfect sister, who is now pregnant with a baby that is not her husband’s. When Carla is stressed or wants to show her misfit family love, she turns to her Polish grandmother’s comforting recipes, which are shared in the book, and she spends nights working on a secret series of paintings. Ritchie depicts her characters’ often bleak circumstances with humor and grace, and Carla makes for an atypical but eminently sympathetic heroine.

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Dolls Behaving Badly, a novel by Cinthia Ritchie: a tale of female triumph

December 14, 2012

Great Publishers Weekly review for Cinthia Ritchie's debut novel, Dolls Behaving Badly (Grand Central, Feb. 2013):


Ritchie’s quirky debut concerns 38-year-old Carla Richards, whose many years of waitressing and motherhood have derailed her dreams of becoming an artist. After Carla begins making erotic dolls to supplement her income, she rediscovers her passion for painting.... Ritchie’s tale of female triumph makes for a fun read. 


You can catch the full review on Cinthia's blog.

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