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Washington State Book Awards Winner: The Rocks Don't Lie by David Montgomery

September 16, 2013

The 2013 Washington State Book Awards were announced last week. David Montgomery's The Rocks Don't Lie: A Geologist Investigates Noah's Flood (W.W. Norton, 2012) won the history/general nonfiction category. Congratulations, David!

According to the Seattle Times, there will be a party celebrating this year's winners at the Richard Hugo House on October 3rd.

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Seattle Times Interview with David Montgomery

September 17, 2012

Great Q&A between David Montgomery and Mary Ann Gwinn, Seattle Times book editor, about The Rocks Don't Lie (W. W. Norton, 2012). From the interview:

Q: Most people probably think creationism is a pretty old belief system, but in the book you clearly lay out that it's not. Briefly describe how it developed.

A: George McCready Price was the guy who championed flood geology (the theory that Noah's flood was real) in its darkest hours through the early 20th century. He was not a trained geologist, but he argued that geologists had the whole theory wrong. His arguments evolved into (John) Whitcomb and (Henry) Morris' book, 1961's "The Genesis Flood." The thing that surprised me about that book was that the guys who wrote it had a really insightful critique of '50s geology. They looked at the key flaws, the shortcomings, the things geology couldn't address: How do mountains form? How do you get fossils of tropical organisms at the poles? In those days, nobody was buying continental drift. They said, geologists can't explain certain basic aspects of geology; we have a better idea.

Gwinn asks great, probing questions and you can catch the full interview here.

Montgomery was also interviewed on Fox & Friends this week and you can view that segment on their website.

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The Daily Beast Likes The Rocks Don't Lie

August 29, 2012

Another fantastic review for The Rocks Don't Lie by David Montgomery (W.W. Norton, August 27):

Montgomery’s book is anything but a softening of religion’s deliberate persecution and denial of scientific inquiry, which remains very much with us. But he wants to complicate the picture. Religion has been both the antagonist and the ally of science. It has persecuted “heretics.” But it has also provided imaginative fictions that preserve historical events and provoked intense curiosity about the natural world. If Montgomery wants to correct religion’s anti-intellectualism, he also wants to unsettle science’s potential for calcifying into orthodoxies of its own. That can be done, he shows, by simply looking more closely at the lives and passions of explorers past.

Read the rest at The Daily Beast.

David is reading at Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle, WA at 7PM on September 6.

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The Rocks Don't Lie: Starred Library Journal Review

June 20, 2012

The Rocks Don't Lie by David Montgomery (Norton, August 2012) earned a starred review from Library Journal:

 ...Montgomery (geomorphology, Univ. of Washington; Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations) offers a thorough critique of creationist worldviews (including Noah’s flood) while treating his opponents with respect, reflecting on both ancient and modern debates and demonstrating that Christians have been arguing among themselves about these subjects for millennia. He admits that geologists have often stifled dissent and stubbornly rejected the idea that massive floods could have ever occurred, discounting such ideas as myths though there have, in fact, been many throughout human history. These catastrophic events likely inspired the famous stories of floods found around the globe, Montgomery concedes. VERDICT The combination of historical study and humility on behalf of geology makes for an extremely persuasive work. Highly recommended.

—John M. Kistler, Washington, PA

Full review on the Library Journal website.

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The Reviews Don't Lie

June 4, 2012

Another strong review for David Montgomery's book The Rocks Don't Lie (Norton, August 2012) Kirkus Reviews. To read the full review on their website you will need a subscription, but here's a slice:

Examining a wide variety of flood and creation stories across centuries, Montgomery provides an enthusiastic and valuable recounting of the history of geology and how the advances in science have consistently faced opposition from the guardians of so-called religious authority, based on a literal reading of the Bible. The immense chronological spans and what is now known about the origins of the Earth and universe provoke the bitter opposition of the creationists. Montgomery insists that faith and science “can peacefully coexist,” and his extensive documentation shows that the revival of creationism, as it exists today, has nothing to do with either science or faith.

A forceful rallying cry for people of goodwill to join together to develop an alternative to the dangerous irrationalism that afflicts so many Americans.

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The Rocks Don't Lie: Starred PW review

May 30, 2012

A starred review in Publishers Weekly for The Rocks Don't Lie by David Montgomery (Norton, August 2012):

Many theologians and scientists within the Christian tradition have long interpreted the biblical story of Noah’s flood as a worldwide event and a foundation for determining the geological age of the earth. In this rich, animated narrative, geologist Montgomery points out that theologians have often bent an amazing array of geological evidence to support a literal interpretation of Noah’s flood. But what does the Earth itself tell us? Using the evidence he finds in the various strata of rocks in a roadbed in Kentucky, Montgomery contends that the “440 million-year-old, trilobite-bearing limestone” is clearly not a chaotic, mixed-up product of an earth-churning flood. The rocks formed when an ancient “proto-Atlantic Ocean” led to the formation of a thick pile of sediment that gradually accumulated layer by later—stretching from Newfoundland to Alabama. Moreover, plate tectonics shatters the myth of a global flood by explaining the sequences, ages, and assemblages of rocks we find throughout the world, as well as the global distribution of topography. Brilliant and provocative, Montgomery’s exploration of scientific and theological understandings of Noah’s flood vibrantly opens our eyes to the marvels of ancient rocks that are far grander than ourselves.

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