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Dan Savage on the Daily Show

June 19, 2013

Courtesy of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, a skit starring Dan Savage, Rachel Maddow, George Takei, and Alan Cumming:


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Dan Savage's American Savage a Top 10 PW Pick!

April 22, 2013

Publishers Weekly's Best Summer Books list for 2013 is out, and American Savage: Insights, Slights, and Fights on Faith, Sex, Love, and Politics by Dan Savage (Dutton, May 28, 2013) is on the list. PW also did a cool short interview with Dan. Here's a quick clip:

You serve up seriously unconventional advice in this book, including tips on marital infidelity!

It’s going to happen, so why not do it right? I’m not condoning serial adulterers who are abusing their partners or putting them at risk. But there are times when cheating can save a marriage—for example, when one spouse is seriously disabled and the other, to stay sane, gets his or her needs met elsewhere, discreetly. Or maybe it’s a terrific marriage except for very divergent needs for sex. It overemphasizes the importance of sex to say that, if a marriage is working in every area but sex, a spouse must divorce first and cheat second. There are times when people should cheat first and divorce not at all.

Your own same-sex marriage seems almost a model of wholesomeness. Is there a tension between the radical sex-advice columnist and your inner Ward Cleaver?

People who consider me the enemy of all things good and decent would be appalled at how Ozzie and Harriet it is around our house. People come over expecting a sling over our dining room table and a goat under it, and they’re just flummoxed: Terry and I are in bed at 9:30 p.m. most nights and sometimes we can’t make it through The Daily Show. But there are also times when we go to the International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago and tear it up. Being parents should not preclude taking a walk on the wild side every once in a while.

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Starred PW Review for Dan Savage's American Savage

March 15, 2013

Rave starred review for forthcoming American Savage: Insight, Slights, and Fights on Faith, Sex, Love, and Politics by Dan Savage (Dutton/Penguin, May 28, 2013) in today's Publishers Weekly:


America’s most in-your-face sex columnist and gay-rights activist comes out swinging in these pugnacious, hilarious essays.. Savage (Savage Love) proffers more unvarnished and often sacrilegious bedroom and relationship advice, recommending, for example, that spouses try each other’s kinks on for size and, if sexual incompatibility proves insurmountable in an otherwise satisfying marriage, that they consider a little nookie on the side. He reserves his most pointed sex tips for detractors and ideological opponents, suggesting a number of lewd acts they could perform to cope with their upset over his forthright advocacy of marriage and adoption rights for same-sex couples.  (He widens his brief to include cogent soap-boxing on behalf of single-payer national health insurance, gun control, and physician-assisted suicide.) Savage is that rarity, a liberal—verging on radical—who defends his positions with steel-trap logic and scornful humor laced with profanity and stripped of politically correct cant. But in his own way he’s a champion of “family values,” which emerge in warm domestic scenes with his husband and son, in moving reflections on his mother’s death, and in his common-sense understanding of sexual fulfillment as an anchor for stable relationships. Underneath Savage’s scabrous, bomb-throwing exterior beats the heart of a softie.

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It Gets Better Wins the Governors Award

September 7, 2012

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Board of Governors awarded the "It Gets Better" project their 2012 Governors Award this year.

From an article in Deadline:

“The It Gets Better Project is a great example of strategically, creatively and powerfully utilizing the media to educate and inspire,” said [Bruce] Rosenblum. “This is television moving well beyond the traditional physical set in the viewer’s living room to the intimacy of the monitor, laptop, tablet or mobile device and delivering the ideal mix of inspiration and creativity to affect awareness and, ultimately, change. The Academy is proud to celebrate the success the Project is already having on LGBT youth, and, to hopefully, drive more visibility for this important cause.”

Such an honor for Dan Savage, Terry Miller, and all the other hundreds of contributors! We are glad to see the project continue to move people, on YouTube, in book form, on MTV and elsewhere.


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The Grand Armada—Agency Author News

July 1, 2011

Dan Savage is "Dr. Ruth if she were interested in bondage and threesomes," according to Mark Oppenheimer in a fantastic profile ("Married, with Infidelities") from the latest New York Times Magazine. This is such an apt portrait it's hard to choose where to quote from, but this will be fun.

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The Grand Armada—Agency Author News

June 27, 2011

Great write-up about Dan Savage's keynote speech to the ALA in this week's Publishers Weekly. The article's author, Andrew Richard Albanese, said the speech "entertained, moved, and captivated."

Here's a snippet:

[Dan Savage] praised librarians for offering the kinds of books that can help kids struggling with their sexuality, being bullied by classmates, rejected by their families and their churches, and portrayed libraries as a safe haven for many kids. As for why he turned his Internet-based effort into a book (published by Dutton in March) Savage drew applause, telling librarians "I'm a print guy, and books are magic."

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Whaleboats Under Sail

April 1, 2011

Check out the April 10, 2011 copy of The New York Times Book Review: It Gets Better, edited by Dan Savage and Terry Miller (Dutton/Penguin) will be #16 on the Print Hardcover Bestsellers list, #24 on the combined Print Hardcover and Paperback Bestsellers list, and #35 on the combined Print and E-Book Bestsellers list. Watching the reception to this book, as well as the continued success of the project, has been profoundly moving.

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Whaleboats Under Sail

March 23, 2011

NPR's Fresh Air host Terry Gross talks with Dan Savage and his husband, Terry Miller, today about the It Gets Better Project's inception, their marriage, and growing up.

You can tune into NPR at 8:00 PST (3/23/11) today to catch the interview, and in the meantime, read an excerpt from the book and more here on NPR's site.

It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living (Dutton/Penguin, 2011) is edited by Dan Savage and Terry Miller, with contributions from Alison Bechdel, Urvashi Vaid, Michael Cunningham, David Sedaris, Ellen Degeneres, President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Senator Al Franken, and many others. It's an amazing collection of people speaking out.

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The Grand Armada—Agency Author News

January 26, 2011

Says Galleycat, "Columnist and author Dan Savage may end up with his own show on MTV. According to Entertainment Weekly, the writer will shoot a pilot for an advice show."

For more details (and a hilarious clip of Dan on The Colbert Show), check out Galleycat and Entertainment Weekly.

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The Grand Armada—Agency Author News

December 13, 2010

"It Gets Better" Project mentioned in Frank Rich's New York Times opinion piece, "Gay Bashing at the Smithsonian." Not to be missed... the kicker's at the end!

It’s partly to counteract the hate speech of persistent bullies like Donohue and Perkins that the Seattle-based author and activist Dan Savage created his “It Gets Better” campaign in which gay adults (and some non-gay leaders, including President Obama) make videos urging at-risk teens to realize that they are not alone. But even this humanitarian effort is controversial and suspect in some Beltway quarters: G.O.P. politicians and conservative pundits have yet to participate even though most of the recent and well-publicized suicides by gay teens have occurred in Republican Congressional districts, including those of party leaders like Michele Bachmann, Mike Pence and Kevin McCarthy.

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