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A PNBA Nomination!

April 25, 2012

Happiness is a Chemical in the Brain, stories by Lucia Perillo (W.W. Norton, May 2012)was nominated for the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association's Book Awards. The full list of 2013 nominees is here. Congratulations Lucia!

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Stealing the Good Stuff

April 20, 2012

Q: What advice can you share for aspiring poets?
A: My advice to aspiring poets is to find a community of other poets who are willing to read one another’s work. And to read widely, in a variety of time periods and cultures, to identify which traits of poems are appealing and which aversive. And what can be stolen.

That's Lucia Perillo in an interview with Galleycat as part of their National Poetry Month series. Read the full interview here.

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Agency co-founder Dan Levant passed away April 9

April 20, 2012

Dan Levant co-founded Levant & Wales in 1990 with Elizabeth Wales. It was the first Seattle-based national literary agency.

...At the time, the great technological breakthrough was the fax machine, and Levant liked to say that New York could fax everything to the agency except lunch. The agency has thrived with a list of quality nonfiction and fiction, and a penchant for outspoken writers, including sex advice columnist Dan Savage.

Six years later Levant sold his interest in the agency to Wales. But he never fully retired and was active in book projects until his death. He consulted for and served as a director of Epicenter Press of Kenmore, Washington, a regional nonfiction publisher founded in 1988. At Epicenter, he helped guide publication of two bestsellers-Two Old Women, by Velma Wallis, which was translated into seventeen languages and sold more than 1.5 million copies, and Sarah, by Kaylene Johnson, the first biography of the former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin. Levant conceived of and served as developmental editor for a new title released this month, Shipwrecked: A Peoples' History of the Seattle Mariners, by Jon Wells.

Dan Levant loved the opera, cooking, and life itself. He left an indelible mark on the Seattle area, especially in the publishing community, and on those around him. Levant is survived by his wife, Sara Crowell Levant; children Maria Levant Brun and her husband, Francois; David Levant, and his wife, Cindy; and five grandchildren: Morgane, William, and Sophie Brun, and Emma and Sam Levant.

His full obituary is on the Epicenter Press website, here.

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