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Whaleboats Under Sale

October 24, 2011

Check out Shelf Awareness's great starred review of Katherine Malmo's debut book, Who In This Room (Calyx, Oct 2011). See clip below.

Juxtaposing the ordinary and the absurd, Malmo divines and articulates the relationships between chemotherapy and fly-fishing, fashion tips and a biopsy report, welding and marriage, casino demolition and adoption. The musical precision of her words is felt in the body, cutting straight to the core. You emerge from Who in This Room as if from a vigorous swim, refreshed and more alive. —Claire Fuqua Anderson, fiction writer

Who In This Room also received a great blurb from librarian rockstar Nancy Pearl, the author of Book Lust: “This moving, courageous, honest, and beautifully written account is not about the life of a cancer survivor, but rather of a life defined by living. It was a privilege to read it.”

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