Scott McCredie

Scott McCredie is a journalist and author of Balance: Falling, Vertigo and Life On the High Wire (Little, Brown, 2007). Over a 30-year career his articles have appeared in The Seattle Times, The Washington Post, Reader’s Digest, MSN Health & Fitness, and Smithsonian. His favorite subjects are health, fitness, travel, history, anthropology, and technology.

“It’s rare to find a book that seems innovative and fresh and yet finds a subject that touches all of us, but this is one. In "Balance," Scott McCredie artfully illuminates a critical human sense few of us give much thought to, and weaves an irresistible tale of scientific and medical mystery that includes high-wire artists, the misery of seasickness, the tragic crash of John F. Kennedy Jr. and the suffering that may have caused Van Gogh to cut off his own ear. Readers will find more magic to the simple act of standing upright than they ever imagined.”
—William Dietrich, Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist with
the Seattle Times and author of “Napoleon’s Pyramids.”
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