Jack Slocomb

Jack Slocomb was born in Cumberland, Md. in 1945. His family moved to Buckhannon, WV when he was two years old and he lived the next nine years there on a small farm. He draws inspiration for much of his writing from his childhood experiences on the farm, where he first became deeply connected to the natural world. After losing interest in medical school, he earned a Master’s Degree in Social Work and worked as a family therapist in a variety of settings until his retirement in 2008. In his twenties he developed an abiding interest in backpacking and other outdoor ventures in the Allegheny Mountains. He also began to write nature poetry, and five years ago tried his hand at writing a novel that had been inside him for a long time. The result of that effort is Come the Snow Owl.

As a retiree, Jack spends his time out of doors, volunteering, and writing. Recently he initiated a community outdoor education project known as Coyote Adventures Family Outings.


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